Please follow these instructions carefully to get the best possible result out of your scalp

No Alcohol for 24 hours before or after treatment(may interfere with healing
and pigment retention)

– May take mild over the counter pain relief 30­60 minutes before each
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For Dry/Flaky/Itchy Scalp

  • Olive Oil* Scalp Treatment -1 Tbsp Olive Oil mixed with 2­4drops Tea Tree oil on your scalp every
    night for 1 week before your session.
  • *Do not use Coconut oil on scalp as it is a pulling agent and can pull pigment
    from your scalp.

For Color Treated Hair

  • No hair color or bleach on scalp 7-14 days prior to each treatment.
  • No color on scalp 14­-30 days post treatment.
  • No bleach on scalp after treatment… Ever.

For Hair Systems

  • Do not fix the prosthesis with glue for a minimum 1 month prior to treatment.
  • If applicable (based on scalp health) the client wants to keep having a clipped/lightly
    taped hair system during the day during but must take it off at night.
  • When the hairpiece is not worn, a pharmacological treatment recommended by your
    doctor should be applied. This treatment often involves an ointment with 1% cortisone