Lead technician Michelle Stehle is a cosmetic industry professional. A licensed cosmetologist and body art specialist, Michelle’s experience spans 17 years and has trained and performed treatments internationally in the United States and Europe.

Michelle’s scalp micropigmentation training is second to none. Certified by Scalp Micro USA under Matthew Iulo and Aris Azar, Michelle continues to work with the company on an ongoing basis to further advance her skills and expertise. One of the few technicians in the world to be dual certified in both permanent and temporary scalp micropigmentation procedures, Michelle trained under Debbie Clifford and Milena Lardi and is fully certified in Beauty Medical tricopigmentation techniques.

Michelle is also mentored by John Chandler of Scalp Co in Sacramento, and has completed customized training with Simon Lane of Brandwood Clinic in the UK.

Michelle has an excellent relationship with industry leaders in both SMP and Tricopigmentation.  She is an active participant of the local chapter of the Alopecia Society, a Member of the American Hairloss Association and is part of the Team Micro Certified Program, recognizing the most accomplished scalp micropigmentation technicians worldwide.

Every client I’ve ever styled has their own unique hairline. Like a fingerprint, no two hairlines are the same. Creating soft variations in the hairline shape and density while matching your existing follicle pattern is how I customize each look.  The process is a simulation of a follicle but the result is boosted self-confidence and the clients new appearance is 100% authentic.